Local Training


Local Professional Training to help you raise your game.

UPPER 90 FC we help you train your game to the next level.   Our programs allow the players to continue playing and practicing with their teams.   We take pride in our training methods and ability to continue to get a “little bit more” out of our players each session.

We are located in Medina/Seville, Ohio.  (just 15 minutes south of the square)

One Ball! One Love! is a supplemental soccer training entity servicing individual players, groups and teams in the Greater Cleveland (Ohio) area. Our Programs and training sessions are designed to improve the mindset, attitude, technique, and understanding of the youth player.

Al Reynolds Soccer strongly believes that the development and improvement of soccer skills is a life long pursuit. The essence of soccer, in Al’s estimation, is foot skills. The theory behind Al’s foot skills training is to master the endless drills and be able to maneuver the ball on the soccer field and outsmart your opponent

Zoran Soccer Zone is a training facility designed for those players who want to learn the technical skills required to play at the highest level of soccer.

Call Zoran Karic at 216.287.9687.  Approximate pricing is $25 hour per player with a minimum of 4 players.